Dysfunctional Racing

Dysfunctional Racing was formed in 2004 after I had a horrible crash on a Honda crf50, which left me paralyzed. After my accident I was looking for a way to get back out there racing, when I met Danny Barnett another person in a wheelchair who also crashed on a motorcycle and was left paralyzed. His injury was much lower and happened several years before mine. Danny ended up being my occupational therapist, while I was at the first hospital, we started talking and I found out that he raced a off-road buggy that you controlled with you hands(gas and brakes).  My only problem was he had finger movement and I don't.

I'm a c4-5 quadriplegic; I don't have feeling or movement below the nipple line. I have limited triceps muscle, and I don't have use of my fingers.

The goal of our team is to provide awareness to encourage the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship.

We appreciate the generous support of the sponsors that help out.

Thank You,
Dysfunctional Racing



Looks like after a 2 year break it's time to work on new plans for 2014. Steve Wheel's and myself will be going racing in the Lucas Oil regional off road series in the mini open class. I will be racing a Ford Ranger, while Steve will be contesting a Chevy Blazer. 


Dysfunctional Racing is please to have Steve "Wheels" Bucaro join the team. Steve is a Paraplegic and is a well accomplished racer as well as being know in the Automotive industry to building some of the sickest custom cars out there. Steve brings his drive as well as experience to the team, I couldn't be happier having him on the team. Check out his Profile page for more info on him and his accomplishments. We are glad to have you on the team Steve.  


Just a quick update as to my 2011 season I took the season of due to health issues. 


F*Word Industries is offering up Dysfunctional Racing stickers to help me race this year, if you're interested in purchasing the stickers please click on the logo to be directed to the purchase page.



Dysfunctional Racing finishes 3rd Overall in the Southern California Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen.


Dysfunctional racing is honored to have 4130 clothing on board for 2011 and beyond. Feel free to click on the pic for a link to the site in the sponsor list or right here.


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